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VIDEO: Michigan Thugs Attack White Woman In Walmart, Fed-Up Mom Makes Them Pay

A shocking video has emerged out of Novi, Michigan, where two thugs attacked a 20-year-old woman, who was shopping for school supplies at Walmart. The argument, which began over a simple notebook, quickly turned into an all out beatdown until the woman’s fed-up mom made them regret their behavior by showing the degenerates what was in her purse.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the shocking incident took place on Monday, August 28th, 2017. Police said that after a 20-year-old blonde woman reached for a notebook first, that’s when an argument and fight happened in the local Walmart.

The video footage captured of the altercation is simply overwhelming to watch as the women are seen brawling down a Walmart aisle. As the 20-year-old’s mom jumps in to help her daughter, the fight gets even more ugly as shocked viewers watch what happens when the fed-up mom realizes her daughter is about to be pulverized by the other two women.

Legally carrying a gun, the fed-up mom was ready to defend her daughter’s safety, leaving the she-thugs who launched their attack shocked to see what had been in her purse all along, as she exercised her 2nd Amendment rights and was prepared to defend herself and those she loves from bodily harm.

According to police, the fight involved two Farmington Hills residents, ages 46 and 32, and a mother and daughter from South Lyon, ages 51 and 20. It was the 51-year-old woman who was legally carrying a gun. According to WCRZ-FM, the two Farmington Hills women were shopping for school supplies on the same aisle as the blonde 20-year-old woman. Police told the Free Press that it was the 20-year-old woman who reached for the notebook. The two she-thugs pulled the 20-year-old’s hair, and the woman’s mother was pushed aside before she pulled out a gun to defend herself and her daughter.

Details about what was said at the beginning of the fight have not yet been released, but what is perfectly clear is that, at one point, the fed-up mom decided she wasn’t going to let the two she-thugs beat her daughter silly. She reached down and pulled her gun out of her purse and pointed it in the faces of the two other women. In my opinion, good for her. Those two degenerates weren’t going to stop until someone forced them to stop. However, police are still investigating and may bring charges against all four women.

Let’s just apply some common sense from the court of public opinion. There was supposedly one notebook left and two women wanted to buy it. We’ve all been in a situation at least once where we’ve conceded in some way for another person to be polite. That’s all it would have taken to prevent this debauchery over a notebook. On the other hand, the police said that the 20-year-old blonde woman reached for the notebook first, and maybe, she didn’t want to be pushed around when the other two women became aggressive over it.

All too often, we see these clips of degenerates brawling over just about anything. In this case, the fed-up 51-year-old mom pulled her gun to stop the fight, and rightfully so. Of course, the mainstream media will make the gun-toting mom look like the criminal in this situation, but she did what any protective mother would have done. In my opinion, the two other women who had the 20-year-old on the ground by the hair will think twice before they assault someone over a notebook again.

source: madworldnews

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